And previously...



2 April - Discovering Robert Paul at Cambridge Museum of   Technology, 2 - 5pm. The Old Pumping Station, Cheddars Lane,   Cambridge. I showed a selection of Paul's films and talked

 about how he accidentally became one of Britain's and the world's   cinema pioneers. Joshua Nall of the Whipple Museum explained his importance for the history of electrical instrument design and manufacture.

 28 Jan - 12 Mar  Come Along Do! Paul's Animatograph Works

 in Muswell Hill 1898-1909  Free public exhibition in Hornsey

 Library's Gallery. See blog for pictures and more info:


 26-27 May - Remapping Early British Cinema  Symposium hosted

 by Birkbeck over two afternoons. Recording now available online:

 7 May - Speaking at the Kira Muratova International Symposium

 (Berlin): My paper: 'A Woman’s Place? Muratova’s Negotiation of

 Women’s Screen Image across Three Decades'.

 5 May - Kennington Bioscope online: The Centenary of William   Friese-Greene. I joined Peter Domankiewicz and Stephen 

 Herbert for this overdue reassesment.




 6-7 Apr - Audiences Conference online, Oxford Brookes 


 27 Jan - Gresham College lecture: 'Powell & Pressburger's Island

 Stories', French Institute, West London, 18.00, followed by

 screening of I Know Where I'm Going!


16 Jun - Talk about 'Highgate on screen' at Highgate Festival

8 Apr - Gresham College lecture: 'London Belongs to Us: street life

and new wave British cinema of the 1960s', Museum of

London. More info at:


3 Apr - Seminar on Robert Paul at St Andrews University

25 Feb - Gresham College lecture: 'Taking London to the World:

Robert Paul shows his native city in motion'.Museum of

London. More info at


16 Feb - Local History day at Bruce Castle, Tottenham: announcing

the Robert Paul exhibition Animatograph!

30 Dec - Panel on Powell & Pressburger, at Torino International Film


23 Nov - Keynote lecture on 'Why we need archives and why they

must change', conference on Film Archives at Istanbul Sehir


11 Nov - Posted defence of Peter Jackson's They Shall Not Grow Old

on Sight & Sound digital edition:




10 Nov - Study day on Powell and Pressburger, New Park

Cinema, Chichester

25 Oct - Lecture at Queen's Film Theatre Belfast, 'Seeing in the

Dark', on the history and mysteries of projection - part of QFT's 50th

anniversary celebration

10 - 13 Oct - Pordenone Giornate del cinema muto

9 Oct - Annual Birkbeck Magic Lantern show, with Jeremy Brooker

28 Sep - keynote at Durham University conference on post-Soviet

and Georgian cinema

24 Sep - 'Gothic London: recreating the ancient city on screen' -

fourth of my lectures as Visiting Professor of Film and Media History

at Gresham College, at the Museum of London, now viewable on



22 Sep - 17 Moments of Spring - took part in a discussion on the

cult Soviet TV series at Pushkin House, London

14 Sep - 'Breaking the bounds of cinema: reclaiming innovative

aspiration of the 1940s and 50s', Lecture at Pittsburgh University for

the Framing/Unframing Cinema symposium in honour of Lucy


20 Aug - Talk on Ingmar Bergman's reputation, for the centenary

cycle of his films showing in the Chichester International Film Festival

9 Jul - Opening of the V&A Censorship exhibition, in which I make

abrief appearance, recalling some high- and lowlights in Britain's

filmcensorship history (continuing until Jan 27 2019)

29 Jun - Launch of Storytelling in the Digital era book, co-ed for

Amsterdam University Press by me and Annie van den Oever, at

NECS Conference, Amsterdam

21-22 Jun - 'Eisenstein for the 21st century' conference, Monash

University campus, Prato, Italy

11-16 Jun - Domitor conference, George Eastman Museum,

Rochester, New York

12 Apr - 'Cheating at Caravaggio' - public lecture at University of

Malta for Valetta European City of Culture programme

10 Mar - Eisenstein Day, at Stonehill House, Abingdon

3 Mar - Talk on Early Photographic Media in the Ottoman Empire, at

Cinema of the Arab World conference, American University Cairo

26 Feb - The 19 c Craze for Stereoscopic PhotographyGresham

College lecture at Museum of London


15 Feb - Making the movies Soviet: new directions in Russian film

part of Roaring 20s in Russia lecture series at Dorich House

Museum for GRAD.

2-5 Nov - European Psychoanalytic Film Festival, BAFTA London

28 Oct - day-school on the course of Soviet cinema at the New Park

cinema in Chichester

26 Oct - Eisenstein's OCTOBER at the Barbican, with the original

orchestral score by Edmund Meisel played by the LSO.

21 Oct - Alma-Tadema and Cinema; final day of conference linked to

the Leighton House AT exhibition

17 Oct - Talk at Queen's Film Theatre, Belfast on Eisenstein's

October and Soviet cinema commemorating 1917

10 Oct - Birkbeck's annual MAGIC LANTERN SHOW, with Jeremy

and Carolyn Brooker. 18.00 in the Cinema

25 Sep - 'Multimedia 1900' - first of my lectures as new Gresham

College visiting Professor of Film and Visual Media

25 Sept - First screening in the new London Screen Studies

Collection series - Designing London: Ken Adam's brilliant anti-

Swinging London for The Ipcress File (Sidney J Furie, 1965).

9 Sept - Production Design event at the V&A

17 Aug - Chichester Int'l Film Festival: talk about how the Soviets

planned filmic commemoration of 1917 in 1927.

29 Jul - Magic Lantern Society meeting in Deal, to see David

Francis's new Kent moving image museum, and give a show about

the Lantern in South America.

29-30 Jun - NECS conference, Paris: part of a great panel on new

Eisenstein research, and responding to others. Hats off to the

organisers at Paris 3 in Censier for bringing off such an impressive

conference - and all in English!

24 Jun - Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna - cinephile heaven, enlivened

this year by Dave Kehr's revelation of William K. Howard. How could

we have not noticed him?

14/18 Jun - Crouch End Festival film show: Round and About

Crouch End, with new discoveries and old favourites in local film

1 Jun - LSSC screening of Edward Dmytryk's 1949 claustrophobic

noir masterpiece Obsession, with Robert Newton and Sally Gray.

25 May - London Screen Studies show at Birkbeck Cinema: Suspected Person, a little-known 1942 thriller by Lawrence Huntington, starring Ratricia Roc and David Farrar - yet to blossom

in P&P films.

20 May - Introduced P. T. Anderson's Inherent Vice at the British Museum, as part of both The American Dream film series and the British Academy's Literature Week.

18 May - In conversation with Jane Barnwell at the launch of her

new book Production Design for Screen, at Westminster Uni.

16 May - Hosted Jeremy Brooker's 'Spectacle of Science' Magic

Lantern show as part of Birkbeck's Art Week, at 43 Gordon Square.

17 Feb - Introduced Max Reinhardt and his Instant Orchestra, accompanying Eisenstein's BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN, to launch

Kino Klassika's World to Win screenings at Regent Street Cinema. See my preview of the series at

9 Feb - Revealed 'the unknown R W Paul' at Abingdon Film Society

17, 24, 31 Jan - gave a short series of doctoral seminars for Paris

III at the Institute National d'Histoire de l'Art. as part of the Chaire Roger Odin programme


3 Dec - Contributed to a panel on #Kentridge @The _Whitechapel gallery, about his revival of early cinema and 60s avant-garde techniques in his own screen work. Stimulating work at a time

when so much of the avant-garde seems intent on proving its own ineffability.

2 - 30 Nov - Travelled around Brazil, Chile, Peru and Ecuador, finishing with a magical week in the Galapagos islands...

9 Nov - Gave a keynote at conference on The Intermedial History of Brazilian Cinema at São Carlos University, Brazil. My contribution:

'Getting film in perspective: visual spectacle before and after animat-ed photography', in which I was talking about the rich culture of

visual media that preceded mechanical moving pictures.

13 Nov - took part in Arica Nativa film festival in Northern Chile, as a jury member and with a talk on Raul Ruiz during the years of exile in Europe.

18 Oct - Conversation with artist Ruth Maclennan at Farnham University for the Creative Arts, The Faces They Have Vanished,

16 Oct - Discussed Eisenstein's IVAN THE TERRIBLE Pt 1, as part of the Institute of Psychoanalysis 'Framed Lives' series, at ICA, London

10 Oct - Autumn London Screen Study Collection started with THAT HAMILTON WOMAN (Korda, 1941), first in a short season of 'the

High Forties' in British cinema, when London appeared in melo-dramatic studiobound guise as a backdrop to strong passions.

6 Oct - was Robert Paul day at the Pordenone Silent Film Festival, with new discoveries from the archives and a session at the Collegium. See my article 'Disappearing Act' in

28 Sep - 'The Great 3D scandal: how stereoscopy got written out of history'. Public talk with demonstrations from the collection, at the Bill Douglas Museum, University of Exeter, marking the 25th anniversary of Bill Douglas's death.

27 Aug - Talk about 'The Many Faces of Andrey Tarkovsky' at Chichester International Film Festival, as part of their complete Tarkovsky retrospective.

31 Jul - Spoke about John Box and A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS at Bristol's Watershed, as part of the Cinema Rediscovered festival. See my backstory at

17 Jul - London archive films presentation at the Phoenix Silent Film Festival.

7 Jul - Joined Gabriel Prokofiev to present ALEXANDER NEVSKY for Kino Klassika at the Regent St Cinema, as part of our continuing Eisenstein celebration.

24 Jun - Posted in Facebook this morning:

Cameron opened a Pandora's box and it all flew out... Europe has always been a Tory project, right from Churchill onwards. But always bitterly contested within the Tory party by 'little Englanders' living in the imperial afterglow and believing themselves 'great Britons'. Labour was slow to embrace Europe, and was little help in this referendum; although the whole character of Political Europe changed after 1989 and German unification. It's this 'new Europe' that the young instinctively feel part of, and voted for massively. They'll need to organise to defeat the raggle-taggle alliance that's been handed power...

25-30 Jun - Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna: aptly termed 'cinephile heaven'. I introduced a conference on ABCinema, a film literacy project, at the Cineteca and chaired a European Film Forum workshop on the value of film heritage. I also introduced Scorsese's own 35mm print of Minnelli's glorious BAND WAGON in the Piazza Maggiore.

18-19 Jun - I presented STARRING CROUCH END II, a programme of films from and about Hornsey, Harringay and Muswell Hill, as part of the Crouch End Festival. Including a look at Crouch End Gothic...

10-12 Jun - First-ever DOMITOR Graduate Workshop, codirected with John Fullerton in Stockholm, before DOMITOR Conference, 14-17 June. Here, members of the workshop visited Stockholm's unique Biologiska museet, with its 1893 panorama. Media archaeologist Erkki 29-30 Jun - NECS conference, Paris: panel on new Eisenstein research, and chairing others.Huhtamo (on right) was one of our contributors.

2 Jun - Introduced Melvyn Stokes on Spielberg's LINCOLN in first of the British Academy's 'With Great Power' series of public events.

12-13 May - Conference to launch new AUP book in the Key Debates series, Screens, at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

27 May - took part by telelink in a Scorsese panel discussion at ACMI Melbourne during their current exhibition, looming alarmingly above...

28 Apr – Lecture at GRAD gallery: Hopes and fears: the Soviet New Wave of the 1960s

24 Apr - Eisenstein in Mexico: thinking about birth, death and the rebirth of film works. Three versions of Eisenstein's nevermade film, at the Regent St Polytechnic cinema, presented by A Nos Amours and Kino Klassika. Speakers included Erika Balsom, Sophie Fiennes, Owen Hatherley and Laura Mulvey.

15-16 Apr – Eisenstein Conference at Courtauld Institute, London - with Ada Ackerman, Oksana Bulgakowa, Igor Kadyrov, Joan Neuberger and Antonio Somaini on new frontiers in Eisenstein research; also filmmakers Laura Mulvey and Sally Potter reflecting on Eisenstein's reputation today. Plus screening of Renny Bartlett's valuable 2000 biopic and Sally Banes' reconstruction of 'The Last Conversation'.

12 Apr - 31 May – History of British film course - a first for the V&A

7 Mar – Introduced Powell’s Peeping Tom for Passport to Cinema at BFI Southbank

25 Feb – GRAD lecture: Maxim and co: creating the new heroes and heroines of the 1930s

18 Feb – GRAD lecture: Besides Eisenstein: Protazanov, Barnet and the new Soviet cinema of the 1920s

16 Feb – Unexpected Eisenstein exhibition opened at GRAD London! see links to coverage above right

8-10 Feb – Hands On History: new methodologies for media history, London conference

1 Feb – Introduced Fellini’s Otto e mezzo for Passport to Cinema at BFI Southbank: apparently every filmmaker’s wet dream…

31 Jan - Radical Documentaries of the 30s – Raphael Samuel History Centre talk and screening at Phoenix Cinema, East Finchley

From the impact of the Wall St Crash on workers around the world to Hitler's consolidation of power and the Spanish Civil War, there were many causes in the 1930s that attracted filmmakers with something urgent to say. This selection of mainly British radical films focused on challenging militarism and the arms industry, showing the influence of Soviet cinema, but also a willingness to question 'how we live now'.

7 Jan – Introduced P&P’s I Know Where I’m Going! for British Museum Celts film programme


17-22 Dec - helped adjudicate Fresh Wave short film competition in Hong Kong, with producer Shôzô Ichiyama and documentarist Ruby Yang, with guest of honour Hsien-hsien Hou

4 Dec – Introduced Doctor Zhivago at BFI Southbank (twice!)

3 Dec – Took part in ICA discussion about urban terrorism as portrayed in Buñuel’s films

30 Nov – Launched my BFI Classics book on Doctor Zhivago at

Manchester’s new Home.

6 Nov - Exploring the Intersections of Fashion and Film Studies:

symposium at Stockholm University. I was talking about Phyllis Dalton and

the 'invisible art' of costume design in 60s British cinema.

31 Oct - Discussion with Andrey Zvyagintsev about his LEVIATHAN at European Psychoanalytic Film Festival, BAFTA London. Also an intro by me to Eisenstein's reconstructed BEZHIN MEADOW, and a discussion of Pawlikowski's IDA, plus the final day's debriefing session. Quite a weekend!

17 Oct - Presented Marc Evan's Patagonia (2010) as the first in a series of films accompanying the British Museum's Celts exhibition

5 Oct - Introduced Ford's The Searchers for NFTS Passport to Cinema at BFI Southbank

1 Oct - Magic Lantern show at Birkbeck, with Jeremy Brooker and Stephen Horne

29 Aug - 'Whatever happened to Russian cinema?' - talk at the Chichester Film Festival.

22 Aug - Proms Extra interview for Radio 3 about the centenary of the Lumiere bros, but not forgetting our very own moving-picture pioneer R W Paul - see podcast link on right

7 Aug - talk about early Russian cinema at the Courtauld Institute Summer School

30 Jul - Introduced Vertov's The Man With a Movie Camera, opening DocHouse's programme of doc classics at the Curzon Bloomsbury

28 Jul - Introduced P&P's immortal Life and Death of Colonel Blimp at BFI Southbank, for the National Film School's Passport to Cinema

26 Jul - 'Investment proper': Beckett and film - talk at the Happy Days

Samuel Beckett festival in Enniskillen NI, with a screening of David Clark's 1979 re-make of Film

5 Jul - Breaking the Peace : Programme of historic films about protest and demonstrations at the Phoenix Cinema, for Raphael Samuel History Centre.

26 Jun-2 Jul - Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna

20 Jun - 'Learning to be an audience' - took part in a panel at the NECS conference in Lodz, Poland, put together by Wanda Strauven

17-19 Jun - Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image conference at Birkbeck: I was part of a plenary panel with David Bordwell, Laura Mulvey and Ed Tan about spectatorship.

5 & 14 Jun - Local film presentation at the Crouch End Festival: Starring Crouch End

15 May - Introduced del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth as part of the British Academy Literature Week on folk and fairy tales

12-13 May - Lecture about my current research on audiences, space and place, plus a dialogue with Laura Mulvey about our memories of the emergence and history of Film Studies, at Gothenburg University

6-7 May - hosted final lectures in Re-presenting the Past, at Palacky University Olomouc, by philosopher of history Frank Ankersmit from Groningen

28 Apr - Moderated panels at ICA for BFI Lighthouse shorts screening and discussion

25 Apr - Launch at Birkbeck of Feminisms, edited by Laura Mulvey and Anna Backman Rogers. latest book in the AUP series that Annie van den Oever, Dominique Chateau and I edit:

30 Mar- Introduced Eisenstein's Alexander Nevsky for Passport to Cinema at BFI Southbank

22 Mar - Phoenix Cinema East Finchley: Travelling around London: the film record of London transport - London on the move has been a source of filmic fascination from the start of cinema, providing a record of the shift from horse-drawn to motor vehicles, and all the subsequent changes. I surveyed how transport has been portrayed, and what part in plays in the history of London cinema. Second event in a collaboration between the Phoenix Cinema and Raphael Samuel History Centre at Birkbeck/Queen Mary/UEL

25-26 Feb - Lectured on new voices and figures in history - inc women and workers, as part of Re-presenting the Past at Palacky University, Olomouc

28 Feb - Hay-on-Wye Festival of British Cinema: I presented a programme of Britain's forgotten women filmmakers, including films by Ruby Grierson, Jill Craigie, Muriel Box and Lorenza Mazetti

5 Feb - GRAD Gallery London: censorship of the arts under Stalin - included

the film A Severe young Man by Abram Room and Yuri Olesha

25 Jan, Phoenix Cinema: 'What was showing at the Picturedrome during World War One? A programme of extracts, including Quo Vadis? (below) of the hits from the 'teens that made picturegoing the most popular entertainment in Britain.

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